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Best Micro Jobs sites to Make Money Online

These are task based jobs means whenever you complete the task you will be paid and next task will be allotted. Through micro works one can earn a minimum of Rs 20,000 per month. There are a number of like Cloud Crowd, etc. You have been provided with the micro tasks and once you have done with your task you will be paid.

MTurk is a website of Amazon web services and has been around since 2005 . It is a crowdsourcing online marketplace with millions of users worldwide(more than 190 countries) . There are 2 kind of people at MTurk –

Payment methodsAmazon gift card or Amazon payment account and Direct deposit
Note– Indian members have the option to receive a direct deposit denominated in Indian Rupees into their bank accounts
Minimum Withdrawal amountNo Limit

Clickworker has been around since 2005 and more than 700000 active workers from 136 countries are working with them. This site is free to join for everyone around the world who is interested in writing ,translation, research, collecting data etc. As a clickworker you work independently , you set your own working hour and you get to choose the assignment you are interested in .

Withdrawal methods – PayPal (payment are processed every week from Wednesdays-Fridays)
Minimum Withdrawal Amount -$5

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Crowdsource is a legit micro jobs website. This site is  specially good for writers , copy editor and moderator. You will find here small tasks like image tagging, categorization , transcription , writing answers and writing product description etc which don’t take much time and skills. There are currently 269 qualification tests like Quality assurance  Specialist , Junior copy writer , Senior copy writers . You have to qualify more and more tests to be eligible for more work . Crowdsource is working across 180 countries and their site got wonderful user interface. I love their payment system.

Payment method – Paypal
Minimum Withdrawal Amount – No Limit (do a task worth 1 cent and  get your 1 cent transferred in your Paypal account )

Rapidworkers is a service of Unik Scripts, Inc.  . Their website is pretty much similar to the Microworkers and has almost same features and working interface although the site is not so professional looking and lake some essential features. There are two kind of people at Rapidworkers- Employers and Workers .

Payment methods – Paypal and Payza
Minimum Withdrawal Amount – $8 + fees

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Microworkers is definitely my favorite micro jobs platform as a large portion of my income comes from it. Microworkers is a crowd sourcing website owned by Weblabcenter, Inc. and have more than 700000 workers worldwide. Employers can create professional looking campaign using Microworkers template. The only and worst thing about Microworkers is their address verification procedure  for the first withdrawal .

Payment methods -PayPal, DWolla and Moneybookers(skrill), Bank Transfer via Transpay
Minimum Withdrawal Amount – $9 + fee

JOIN Microworkers

The website is not too old but is currently paying to its workers.  The interface is very similar to Microworkers and Rapidworkers. You make money by completing tasks posted by employers. I don’t how it would do in the future but it has all the potential to become a good crowd sourcing platform. They take about 10 days to process a withdrawal request. It would be worth mentioning that you get $2 for just signing up which you can only use for posting your own tasks.

Payment Options  PayPal | Amazon Gift Card | Payza | Skrill | Crypto Currency | and US Bank Cheque.
Minimum Withdrawal Amount – $5

JOIN Pico Workers

The Remotasks offers tasks entirely different in nature if we compare it with Microworkers, Mturk and Pico workers. This is new but reliable website is growing faster and have some prestigious clients like UBER, Google Alphabet, Procter, Gusto etc. Since they have clients from self driving car companies, you will see a lot of tasks related to Image annotation, cuboids, image tagging, content moderation etc. When it comes to payment, they are very professional and make payment on Tuesday every week.

Payment Options – PayPal
Minimum Withdrawal Amount – None (whatever you have earned during the week will be sent to your paypal account on tuesday every week)

JOIN Remotasks


These were some of good micro jobs sites I am currently working with and making some extra money. It’s easy to get started with these sites and multiple your income. You should join such sites because you can complete the tasks from the comfort of your home . If you are stuck at home and don’t have any full time work or have some spare time then its better to make some money than killing time.
Micro jobs sites can be a great place for you to use your skills and can help you becoming more productive. Give a try to these sites and Let us know about your experience. You can also share information about other micro jobs platform you are using through comments. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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