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Best online Part time Jobs for House wives

Best online Part time Jobs for Housewives

In this modern era of internet, the housewives also have great income opportunities while sitting at home. We have collected the most appropriate jobs that housewives can easily do to finance themselves. Let’s get started!


It is one of the top choices of many housewives and stay at home mothers. Already many moms are making great earnings by writing blogs. If you too have got a passion for something then it would be good to start a blog, drive traffic to it and you will start earning from your blog. The blog niche could be anything like cooking, parenting, arts and crafts and home making etc.

Sell homemade food online

It is another popular way for housewives to earn money by selling their homemade food online. People are getting conscious about their health so they prefer homemade food instead of unhealthy market foods. is providing this opportunity to common housewives to sell food online. So if you are a good cook then this is an amazing platform for you.

E-mail Reading Jobs

This is the easiest job that requires just basic internet knowledge. In this job you have to read emails that will be sent to you. Though, you have to join the paid to read websites to be able to make good income source online.  Ojooo wad, inbox dollars and mypoints are some popular websites offering paid to read jobs.

Sell Facebook likes

This is also an easy earning option where you get paid to give specific number of Facebook likes. There are a lot of companies and individuals that want to promote their products and services on Facebook. So if you have a large friend list on Facebook then this can be a good option for you.

Virtual call center employee

Various call centers also hire employees to work from home. Certain training is also provided to handle customer queries. So if you don’t want to leave your home then this opportunity can help you a lot to make decent income.

Make handmade products and sell online

You can make handmade crafts, candles, party invitations, handmade jewelry and other handmade stuff and sell online. You can make a blog or video blog to promote your products or simply can sign up with seller programs of leading online shopping portals. This opportunity can turn to be a good career option too.

Online cooking classes

You can make a lot of money by starting online as well as offline cooking classes if you are good at cooking and have true passion for it. There are many online cooking classes running already and those people make true passive income.

Review products online

This is also a good idea to make passive income from home. You can review kitchen and the products of daily use and then provide affiliate link with the review so that people can buy those products online. For every sale you will get good commission.

Start a play school at home

Do you love spending time with little kids? If your answer is yes, then you can start a play school at home and take care of kids for only a few hours. Parents pay monthly fees for taking care of their kids.

So, all these were the genuine and best options for all the housewives out there. All these job options have good earning potential.

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