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Facebook Income - 5 Easy ways

Facebook Income - 5 Easy ways

Almost everyone is fascinated with the largest social networking site Facebook. People use this platform to share their moments, feelings/emotions, photos, and videos. Did you know Facebook is quite a big platform to make an income right from your home? Yes, there are a lot of ways to make money from Facebook. You just need to have a fan page with a massive follower-ship or a large friend list of active users. We have picked up the best methods that are quite easy as well.

1. Make money by selling shares and likes:

This is the easiest and most popular method to make income from Facebook. If you have a large friend list of active users you can easily get likes and shares from them for other’s pages. Also, you can share links and posts for money to get likes through your fan page that has thousands of followers. is the most popular place where you can sell the Facebook share and like service.

2. Earn with Affiliate Marketing Links:

Once you have got thousands of page likes or have active users in your friend list on your Facebook account you can earn money by simply sharing affiliate links. Make sure you share affiliate links with good content that grab the audience’s attention. You will be paid a commission for each purchase that your fans make through your link. Amazon, Flipkart, and many other online shopping sites run such affiliate programs.

3. Sell Facebook Fan Pages:

Many companies or individuals want to buy Fan Pages that have a huge audience and they really page massive money for that. So you can also make a fan page and post good content that is engaging, run this page unless it gets a large fan following and you are ready to sell that page for any price that you want. Truly, this method works amazingly!

4. Get Paid for Likes:

Another easy method to earn money is by liking posts and pages. In order to increase brand awareness a lot of companies pay users in return for likes. There are a lot of microwork sites that pay you to like pages/posts. This is a way to make money that really doesn’t need much effort.

5. Become a Social media manager:

Almost every company uses Facebook for increasing their brand awareness and to constantly interact with their customers. So they need social media managers that can regularly share content, photos, promotional offer, and other related information on their fan pages. If you are familiar with Facebook and can interact with strangers then this is the best work for you. The best thing is that you can remotely become Social media manager so don’t have to leave your comfort zone for this job.

6. Promote other pages or products for money:

Again the requirement for work is also a fan page or large friend list. Once you have one of these you can easily earn a case for promoting other’s pages or products with your audience. Companies pay attractive cash for promoting their products, services, or pages.
So, all these are some popular methods that are extremely easy and everyone can do these simple tasks to make living through Facebook.

Hope you enjoy the post!

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