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Best Work from Home Ideas 2020

With the widespread connectivity through internet and availability of network in homes, it possible to take up option of working from home, which was never an option a few years back. This is a game changer in itself, which has allowed women, especially stay at home mothers and fathers to take up tasks of their interests and make a decent earning. When given sufficient time and effort, many of these options have actually enabled some people to earn more than their regular jobs. Below are the top 10 best work from ideas for stay at home people that involves no investment, provided you have your computer, network and mobile.

  1. Content Writing : 

Content writing is in a huge demand these days and is a great Work from Home Idea. Every company needs its website to have well researched and interesting content, for which they need good content writers. If you can write well researched content with clarity, unbiased opinion with nice writing skill set, you can definitely succeed in this area. Gaining SEO knowledge and delivering on promised timelines will help you succeed in making content writing a great option for Work from Home.

  1. Online/Offline Teaching: 

Many tutoring websites offer the option of online tutoring. You can also teach offline at your home if you have sufficient reach and students are willing to study at your home. This is already a popular option in India.

  1. Entrepreneurship: 

Sell your services or goods from the comfort of your home. If you are a beautician, you can be make your own small beauty parlor to attend your clients at home, Or you can sell your art & craft goods, baked goods or any specialized goods you are good at. Online markets like ebay etc help you sell your products worldwide too.

  1. IT programmer/Web designer Freelancer: 

If you have specific skills like IT programming, you can become a technical freelancer and get yourself a good project from dedicated websites. You create your profiles on these sites which helps you to search projects of your choice and in turn enables you to be searched as a freelancer.

  1. Blogging: 

You can blog on any topic of your choice like lifestyle, fashion, food, technology etc. You should have good interpersonal skills and should be able to connect to your readers. Displaying ads through Advertising networks like AdSense, Infolinks etc are one way of monetizing your blog. Direct advertising, sponsored posts, offer services or even marketing and selling your own products can lead to much greater income.

  1. Fitness Trainer: 

Fitness is all the rage these days and if you too are fitness expert then being the health coach is a great option for you. People can come to you or you can offer them coaching through Skype and other online channels.

  1. Seamstress/home based boutique: 

If you have a way with needle and thread, this is one of the best options for you. More and more Indian ladies are opting for home based boutiques as their business and earn a decent amount using that. You can also go a step ahead and make your presence felt online. Online market platforms help you to extend your reach to a larger customer base.

  1. Life Coach: 

Do you excel at inspiring others and have a good understanding of human psychology? If so you can become a life coach for others and provide mentoring online.

  1. Babysitting services/crèche: 

So you love to babysit children, you can earn through that too. Most of the families these days have double income parents and need support system to take care of their toddlers. To reap the benefits of this opportunity, you can have a small crèche at your home and provide babysitting services. Make sure that the place is baby-safe and if you hire nannies, their background is thoroughly checked.

  1. Home based Franchise: 

 Popular examples of these kind of business are Avon and Oriflame. You are given all the marketing material and products and all you have to do is help people to choose the products of their need and sell them across. You should have good interpersonal skills.

Like every task, all the above ideas too need your dedication and commitment, but with genuine efforts you can definitely succeed if you have the desire to.

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