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SUPER courses you should pursue in 2020 for job

Data Analyst Jobs

Did you know that ethical hackers earn anything between Rs 800 to Rs 1,000 per hour?

Usually students wait for class 12 to pick a course that will increase their employment opportunities. 

While engineering, medical, science, hotel management continue to dominate the list of popular career choices, one cannot ignore the advent of new courses.

These unconventional courses may not be immensely popular, but in the next 5 to 10 years, will slowly create new avenues for young graduates in India and abroad.

Ruchir Arora, co- founder, CollegeDekho lists five such offbeat courses you can consider after class 12.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The main objective of BTech AI course is to produce students with a perfect understanding of the basics/ fundamentals of theory and practice of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The graduates of BTech AI course meet the demands in the areas of AI and machine learning.

As artificial intelligence and machine learning are the future of India, there is a great demand for experts in this field.

AI is being used extensively in healthcare, education, industrial sectors, ecommerce

Where to study

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
  • IIIT, Hyderabad
  • Loyola College

Average starting salary: INR 8 to 9 lakh per annum

2. Urban Planning

Urban Planning course, also known as town Planning course, is usually offered by institutes that are affiliated to the ITPI (Institute of Town Planners of India).

Institutes with the affiliation of the AICTE can also offer a course in Urban Planning.

Most Indian colleges offer master’s level courses in urban planning.

It is offered as one of the courses in Masters of Planning (MPlan)/ MArch/ MTech.

Where to study 

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagapur
  • School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
  • Anna University, Chennai

Average starting salary: INR 4 to 5 lakh per annum 

3. Ethical Hacking

Hacking, in general, is termed as the activity to gain unauthorised access to data in a computer system.

When this activity is carried out with the knowledge and permission of the person whose data is being accessed as well as within the ambit of the legal framework, it is termed as ethical hacking.

Despite being a lucrative career option for students, not many colleges and professional institutes offer courses in ethical hacking in India. 

Where to study

  • Institute of Information Security, New Delhi
  • University of Madras
  • SRM University, Kanchipuram

Average starting salary: INR 800 to 1,000 per hour 

4. Sports Management

 The sports industry in India has flourished over the years and offers ample career opportunities for aspirants who want to make a career in the sports management domain.

With various Indian institutes now offering courses in this field, you can pursue this career and enhance your skills to get a good job in this field.

For those of you who are aspiring to make a career in this field will have to develop skills like planning, budgeting, organising, controlling, directing, leading and evaluating a sports activity or event.

You may also be required to manage a sports team or institution.

Some of the popular specialisations under Sports management include sports marketing, sports finance and business, sponsorship etc. 

Where to study

  • Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu
  • International Institute of Sports Management, Maharashtra
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science, New Delhi

Average starting salary: INR 2.5 to 3 lakh per annum

5. Food Flavourist/Chemist 

Flavour is the sensory impression of food or other substance and is determined mainly by the chemical senses of taste and smell.

Flavourists are chemists who create flavours for the food and other products and make food taste good.

This job involves not just mixing various ingredients to create artificial and natural flavours; but also requires an in-depth knowledge of aroma chemicals, essential oils, plant extracts, etc.

Research and development; experimentation is an important part of the job.

Food flavourists are employed mainly by industries, in food-processing and ingredient supply. They are also inducted by the tea, coffee and wine industry.

Some flavourists work for food production companies, as also in flavour houses - companies that create flavours in a lab for numerous purposes.

You can opt for BSc or MSc in chemistry and biology along with as vocational food technology courses.

Where to study

  • Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Fergusson College, Pune

Average starting salary: INR 35,000 to 40,000 per month

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8 Jobs every company will be hiring for career in 2020

According to World Economic Forum, demographic changes and technological advancements may lead to the loss of 5 million jobs. The report also predicted that there will be some jobs that will be more in demand by 2020.

Here we have compiled the list of those 8 jobs that will show an increase in demand. You can follow this article to pursue your career in these fields. Here we have compiled the list of those 8 jobs that will show an increase in demand.

1. Data Analyst :

As the company grows it generates more and more data in terms of sales, market research, logistics, transportation costs etc. So, there is always ever growing need to make sense out of these data.

The main job of data analysts is to translate numbers into plain English. They take data and use it to help companies make better business decisions. With the help of data analysts’ company figures out how to price new materials for the market, how to reduce transportation costs, solve issues that cost the company money, or determine how many people should be working on Saturdays.

There are many types of data analysts such as: marketing analysts, operational analysts, financial analysts etc. Based on one’s choice of field various certifications are available which can increase salary packages.

Career Requirements

Educational Qualification

Bachelor's degree is required for entry level jobs

Master’s degree is required for Upper level jobs


Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science etc.

Key Skills

Analytical and mathematical skills, Critical Thinking, Knowledge of database types,  Experience working with various computer programming languages, Good Communication Skills,  

2. Computer and Mathematical Jobs :


According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs for mathematicians are expected to increase by 22 percent through 2018.

Following are major computer and mathematical jobs:

  • Computer and Information Research Scientists
  • Computer Systems Analysts
  • Information Security Analysts
  • Computer Programmers
  • Software Developers, Applications
  • Software Developers, Systems Software
  • Web Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Computer User Support Specialists
  • Computer Network Support Specialists
  • Computer Occupations
  • Mathematicians
  • Operations Research Analysts
  • Statisticians
  • Mathematical Technicians
  • Mathematical Science Occupations

These jobs are in demand even today and will continue to be most sought after jobs in 2020.

Career Requirements

Educational Qualification

Bachelor's degree / Master’s degree


B Tech in Computer Science, IT

Masters in Statistics, Operation Research

Key Skills

Analytical and mathematical skills, Critical Thinking, Knowledge of Computer languages, Knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics

3. Architectural and Engineering Jobs :

Architectural and Engineering

It is expected that architectural and engineering jobs will grow by 3 percent from 2014 to 2024. This sector may see slower growth rate than average for all occupations but will still continue to be prestigious and rewarding job in 2020. Due to improvements in technology, such as design software and surveying equipment the employees engaged in this sector need to update their knowledge from time to time.

Career Requirements

Educational Qualification

Bachelor's degree


B Tech in Civil Engineering (Most sought after)

B Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Diploma in mechanical/production engineering

Key Skills

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at 10+2 level

4. Specialised Sales :

sales job

These jobs will be highest in demand in 2020. Every business and industry require sales person. Specialised salesperson work with a product that require detailed training. With growing experience in specialized sales one can draw huge salary.

This job is lucrative and can pay you huge salary but many a times it can be stressful particularly when your targets are not met. There is no particular qualification for sales job. All you need is a very good communication skill and persuading power.

There are lot of incentives and bonus in this job. More than experience driven it is a performance driven job. You can go to a very high post in a very short time if you give a good sale to the company.

Career Requirements

Educational Qualification

10+2/ Bachelors degree


No specialization is required

Key Skills

Outgoing and likable personality, excellent communication skills, passion for selling, personal ambition, strong negotiation skills, results orientated, good time management

5. Senior Managers :

senior manager

In large organizations where there is multiple layer of managements the title of senior manager is found.

He is responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals, monitoring their work, and taking corrective action wherever required.

There is no particular course for senior manager post. Generally a manager with more than 15 years of experience is promoted to this post.

This job will be great in demand in 2020 as old companies will require new senior managements to lead through revamps.

Career Requirements

Educational Qualification

Undergraduate degree in a business field /An MBA from prestigious institutes


10-15 Years of Experience


Marketing, Accounting, Management,  F inance

Key Skills

Communication Skills, Flexible and Adaptable, Self Confidence, Leadership Ability, Decisiveness, Problem Solving Ability, Energy Level, Initiative

6. Product Designers :

product designer

This will be one of the top jobs in demand by the year 2020. Monotonous jobs can be automated but creativity will require human. Product designers are required to create various items such as: cars, appliances, gadgets, and other manufactured goods.

The work of product designer involves:

  • designing;
  • modelling;
  • testing;
  • producing prototypes.

They usually work along engineers and conduct research to improve the design and usability of an item.

Career Requirements

Educational Qualification

Bachelor's degree


industrial design, architecture or engineering

Key Skills

Proficiency with computer aided software

7. HR and Organizational Development :

HR annd Organizational development

Due to technological and socio-economic changes company needs fresh talents as well as it needs to train it existing employees with new skill sets. For this job development specialists and human resource professionals will be needed in huge demand by 2020.

It is rightly said ”A poorly designed organization is like a colander; in there you can pour top level talent and hours of effort into it. A well-designed organization uses its talent effectively and HR works on it so hard to build talent”

Organizational development is required to realign the company through change process. The HR department plays an important role not only for hiring in a competitive market but also manages the growth of employees.

Career Requirements

Educational Qualification

Typically Masters degree(IITs/IIMs)


Industrial-organizational psychology, business administration, human resources management, organizational development

Key Skills

Strategic thinker, project management abilities, Enterprise resource planning software, data analysis

8. Regulatory and Government Relations Experts :

Regulatory and Government Relations

With advancement in technology many jobs will be created to see the legal side of things. There are many government policies that should be kept in mind by the company. A company cannot set up any plant anywhere. It has to go by government rules prevailing there.

So, those who choose law, accounts etc. in their graduation will also have good demand by 2020.

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